Meet my JC clique

June 20, 2014


It's always standard. 
Chao will oversleep, I will be super early or on time, Jy is the late queen (but she was earlier than Chao hahaha) while Lai and Daren can be any of the aforementioned. Sadly, Daren is still in camp so he couldn't come sigh.

Okay so we didn't really know where the place was --> GOOGLE MAPS
Oh, did I forget to mention, we were heading to the Trampoline Park!!!
Turns out, it was just beside JY's secondary school and we walked there with JY leading us. The perks of having a friend who stays in Jurong (:

The building itself is purple, and it is RIGHT BESIDE JVSS.

Inside of the building.

Ta-daaaaa (:

Look at those people jump!

these are random people who I took photos of while waiting for Chao to come (he overslept LOL)

Some mental prep guys, be ready to fall headfirst or land in some awkward position when its your first time at the foam pit HAHA. Unless you are some damn zai person like Lai who did a flip on his first jump WTH RIGHT. Video on jy's dayre! (:

Hi there guys!! :D

Lai's flip!

JY's Buddha pose hahaha

Chao is... flying? Haha

My peeps (:

After all the jumping, we were hungryyyyy so we ended up at Pho Street at West Gate cause JY was craving some Viet food.

Lai's Beef Combination Pho

Trying Viet food for the first time!! Ordered the Roasted Chicken and Vemicelli in peanut sauce. Wasn't too bad though the spring rolls tasted funny (JY agreed but Chao and Lai liked it haha)

Credits to JY for the pics below (:

Desert for them before the movie!

I can't believe the Beng bought two cones...

The Red Team (:
 Made a super impromptu decision to catch How To Train Your Dragon 2. 

JY: I wanna watch HTTYD2
Lai: Eh we go watch now.
JY and I: Want or not! LETS GO WATCH NOW
Lai: Huh really ah, I was just kidding!!!

In the end, we caught TFIOS cause we missed the last slot for HTTYD2 :(

As for whether TFIOS was good, well it depends on who you ask hahaha.

I tweeted this yst but I shall type it here:

Lai&chao: *laugh* Jy: *tears* Me: sad until heart pain but no tears LOL
I think for girls we are able to relate to the character on some level that's why we feel more strongly. But for the guys, they found it funny. They kept laughing while JY was crying hahaha.

Man, I was really lucky yst. 
The show ended at 12.05? We thought that we missed the last train but Chao and I managed to catch the last train towards Yew Tee.
Cabbing would be my last alternative.
*cries in happiness*

Then I sprinted all the way from the LRT station to my condo's backgate and reached 
Guard: Girl, you on the dot ah. Lucky I decide to wait.
Me: Thank you, Uncle!
Guess I'm a lucky cricket hehe

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