Jurong Bird Park

June 27, 2014

 Back at my primary school on Wednesday as I was following my sister's class as a 'parent' assistant to Jurong Bird Park (:

where we watched eagles, hawks, falcons, owls and vultures demonstrate their amazing flying and hunting skills (not so much for the vuture haha)
I was so entranced that I forgot to take photos.

Pools Amphitheatre

My sis's teacher bought McMuffins for everyone! 

Look at the adorable kiddos sitting behind us (:

Her expression HAHA

Let's welcome the Flamingoes!

It was full house!

This has long been a FAVOURITE attraction of mine since young because you get to see the Lorries up close when you feed it (:

For $3, you can purchase this liquid, it is a special nectar mix, to feed the Lorries.
I know it's not cheap, but many would buy it.
If you are with a group of friends, you guys could share to get one (:

That day, there were many people feeding the Lorries and thus most weren't that attracted by the tasty nectar offered. 
If you're lucky that day, 3 or more may fly to you.
If not, be happy if there's even 1 haha.

See the liquid in the container? That's the feed.

If the Lorry doesn't come to you, go to it.
Note: I don't recommend this though, you may end up losing your balance..

As you can see, the Lorries do bite and WILL BITE.
Though you can feed them, please understand that they are not tame and respect some personal space (:

Home to a 30 metres tall man-made waterfall, free flying birds like the Sterling and lots of butterflies, it is also the second largest walk-in aviary in the world!
If you wanna see all the beautiful birds up-close, they have a feeding session at 10.30am and 2.30pm. 

I can assure you that you won't regret it because I still have lovely memories of seeing the birds landing on my hand to feed when I was little (:

The 30-metres waterfall!

From what I know, they have a feeding session at 1.30pm everyday.

Fun fact: The bright pink colours and splashes of red on the flamingo's feathers are due to their diet of crustaceans. Without this, their colours may actually fade.

I love the bright and bold plumage of the macaw! 

Fun facts: Though it may seem really attention-seeking, their colourful plumage helps them to blend in well with the fruits and flowers, as well as the foliage in the forests (:


Kids these days, getting tired so soon haha.
The girls refuse to walk and the guys are telling them to get up.


Our last stop was Pelican Cove where we were in time for the Pelican ChitChat and Feeding that starts at 2pm everyday!
Kids are bound to love this as the session was fun and informative!
Furthermore, it boasts the world's first underwater viewing gallery for pelicans so that visitors can watch the pelicans scoop the fish underwater at feeding time!

Do you know that Jurong Bird Park houses 7 out of 8 pelican species in the world (I didn't haha)

Fun fact: Pelican's can hold up to 13 litres of water in their pouch!

Hello baby (:

The underwater viewing gallery

If you are seated in the first row, get ready for some water!

 After the show, visitors get the chance to feed the pelicans a small packet of fish which is sold for $2 (:

Note: Try to get it fast cause there will be a queue and if there's loads of people, they may run out of fish.

Jurong Bird Park is a great place if you wanna find out more about birds around the world and to interact with some of them!

They are many other exhibits that we visited as well such as World of Darkness (which houses owls), Penguin Coast, Flamingo Lake and many more!

Head on down to Jurong Bird Park for some family bonding time and loads of fun! (:

I'm sorry if it sounds like an advert but it's not. 
I just really think everyone should pay a visit to the Jurong Bird Park and Zoo because there's so much to see and learn. Also, all these are a large part of my childhood memories (:

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