First Driving Lesson

June 18, 2014

I finally had my FIRST DRIVING LESSON this morning!

I used to dream of driving in my sleep very often and I thought I was darn good at it hahaha! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one right. Oh and just so you know, I'm taking private manual driving lessons!

A week before, I was wondering if I made the right choice to choose manual instead of auto because I heard many telling me that manual was tough. The reason I chose to take manual lessons over auto is because we frequently visit my relatives in Malaysia and the cars are mostly manual, so it would be better if I could drive a manual car.

I was early for my driving practice today (I'm always early or on time for appointments haha) and so I met my driving instructor, Mr Goh, for the first time today and we set off towards Lim Chu Kang area where there were hardly any cars.

Initially, I was afraid my instructor would be stern, but no, he is really chatty and he has 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. This definitely makes me feel more assured that I'm in good hands. Also, he told me that it is his first job and would be his last job. As we met other L-plate cars on the road, he would point out to me who the instructors are and that they were his friends. He even showed me photos! In case you are thinking, "Aren't you suppose to be having driving lessons instead of such conversations??" 

OF COURSE. These came along naturally and in no way hindered my learning or distracted me. In fact, I think having conversations with your instructor help both of you feel more at ease (unless you really cannot focus when you talk, then do what makes you comfortable.)

So what did I learn on the first lesson?

Some basics about the Speedometer and Tachometer, how to adjust my seat properly(my seat had to be super close cause my legs couldn't reach LOL), how to adjust rear and side view mirrors, how to put on seat belt(the correct way), handbrake, clutch,  changing of gear, accelerating, braking and steering the wheel, shifting gears, slowing down with brakes, signalling. 

For those who are afraid that they will have can't multi-task and will have problems with this:

Depress your clutch fully--> Change to first gear --> Slowly release the clutch a little and hold it there until the car runs smoothly--> Release clutch --> Drive smoothly


For one who can't multi-task, I got the hang of it pretty fast and it was fairly easy so if a blur sotong like me can do it, I'm sure you can too!

*happy dance*

Based on my FIRST lesson, I would say it is not as hard as I expected.
 However, I'm not going to conclude that it will be easy for the rest haha.
 Can't wait for my second lesson! (:

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