How about a walk at Macritchie Reservoir

June 22, 2014

Lovely Saturday morning spent at Macritchie (:

Isn't the view lovely?

Many canoeing teams come here to train, like our dear Daren once did too. 
Explains why he is so familiar with this place and he calls it his second home haha.

Girls, this is Daren. Let me know if you wanna get his number, he's currently single, available and ready to mingle. 

This is us along the way

And there's them... HAHAHA

When Boss Chao says,'' Ok, it's time to speed up." He means business. 
And if he tells you," The trick is to lean forward and take BIG STEPS." You better do it.
This is what I call leading by example (Y)

We're reaching (:
Along the way~


Along the way, you will pass by this well-shaded rest house.
You can answer nature's call here and get your water bottles refilled so you won't die of heat.

Getting nearer!!


The ladies who we kept meeting along the way and helped us get a group shot (:
We have reached!

I was super excited because I have never been on the tree-top walk before!! 
Thank goodness I'm not afraid of heights (:
JY always looks so photogenic (: 

Jokers hahaha

Check out the view from up here (:
Actually it doesn't look that high from this pic haha


Sorry it's a little blur :(

It's pretty steady (:

On the trek back

 The trek up was around 5km and getting back was around 5.1km. 

Halfway through, the guys were getting hungry --> Hungry guys are angry guys haha

Note to self: pack some food if trekking with guys next time!

Jelutong Tower!

Group shot!


The view from the top.
Heading back~

This reminded me of the underwater kingdom in the little mermaid!

How romantic HAHAHA except that it was blazing hot and I don't think any couple in the right mind would sit there.

Boss Chao's territory, no trespassing.

The submerged boardwalk!! Sadly, I didn't walk through it :(

Daren heading for food hahaha

We then headed to some place called UDON KING at AMK HUB.

Honestly, the food wasn't that good (JY thought it looked good from the pics haha) and it was overpriced..

It's similar to Ajisan except that the baby octopuses here were MUCH BIGGER and the menu offers other dishes and not only Jap food.

Boss Chao's Salmon cream blah blah

Mine was something chicken kimuchi
 The rest tried other dishes but I didn't bother to take pics cause the food really isn't that good at all.

Was suppose to head over to NUS for some fun touch but my boots were at home and by if I went back to get them and head over, it will be pretty late already, so I had to give it a miss :(

Looking forward to fun frisbee tomorrow!! (:

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