Hiking from Dairy Farm Nature Reserve to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

June 11, 2014

First post!!

When my parents heard that Bukit Timah Nature Reserve would be closed soon, they insisted we had to go there before it closed. For me, I went, "OKAY" *excited face* while my sisters went, "Huhhhh... must we?" Notice the difference hahaha.

Anyways, it's closing on September 15 (in case you wanna visit the place before it closes) for restoration works to prevent further degradation or major landslides as there has been damage to the forests and an erosion of slopes and trails over the years. In case you are going, OMG it's closing FOREVERRRR?? No, it's not. However, for at least 6 months, it will be closed to public. After 6 months, there will only be limited access for the next 18 months while the Main Road Trail (the tar road) leading to the summit will be opened on weekends.

As we are all excited people, my mum and I decided to hike from Dairy Farm to the summit this morning. Of course, we had to drag the reluctant sister along too as my dad didn't want her to be home alone.
Photo time!!

the ants were kinda gross haha

Start of trek from Dairy Farm


Still halfway..
*can we go home please* face
After taking this shot, I had to go down and drag her up the stairs

There's a time lapse here because I was too busy watching a group of old people do Qigong at the summit.
Followed by trying to persuade my sis to trek back to Dairy Farm (sadly, I failed and so we ended up going down by the main trail which I find really boring.)

But we were lucky today!! Caught a group of monkeys playing around on our way down (:
Lone ranger.
Deep in thoughtful pondering.

And of all things, 

if you can't tell, the male jumped on the female's back and erm... made love

 After they were done..

 I was taking photos halfway when this happened and a Malay family suddenly walked by and were staring.

A mum and her baby
two kiddos playing
whatcha lookin' at

Upon reaching home, the little one spied some fallen rambutans and decided to play a game of golf.

Watch how the pro does it.

1. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and position your stick.

2. With both eyes on the ball, lift your stick up for the swing.

3. Follow through the swing, controlling the strength and positioning.
4. Come back to standing position.

5. Look up and watch how far your rambutan flew.

Are you happy, adventurous, does not mind getting dirty, likes to explore new trails, able to keep up with my pace, does not need to rest or break and DOES NOT WHINE OR COMPLAIN?

If you think you are, LET'S GO HIKING (:

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